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Company Introduction
We will do only one thing, but we do it better than anyone else!
From the beginning to the future, we concentrate on the seamless sewing technology , by working closely with all our customers to to meet their project objectives and requirements. Since 2001, Jiangmen Yeweicheng Machinery Factory has been delivering high quality hot-air seam sealing machines, hot-air seam sealing tape/film machines, water press testers and seamless waterproof zipper machines under our registered brand name "Yecheng".

Yeweicheng products are widely used for waterproof treatment of tents, rainwear, skiwear, sportswear, wetsuits, waders, navigation clothes, shoes, waterproof bags, gloves, protective clothing, golf wear, wet/dry suits, police gear, army wear and advertisement balloons. To meet with the demands from different users and producers in the garment industry, we have recently developed three kinds of hot-air machines in different grades; model .Yecheng has become a famous brand both at home and abroad.

To meet different requirements of customers, more manpower and material resources are invested into new product development. So far, we have developed 4 series of hot-air seam sealing machines, which adopt microcomputer controls for electric parts.

Yeweicheng will reward those who pay careful attention to our company by supplying the best products and excellent services. Please feel free to contact us for more details.